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Yitzchak & Rivka!

We continued learning about our Jewish family tree!

We know Avraham and Sara had Yitzchak. When Sara lived, she had 3 special miracles. The first miracle was that her candles burned from one Shabbat to the next. The second miracle was that her Challah stayed fresh and increased miraculously and the third miracle was the clouds of glory hovering over her tent, signifying the presence of Hashem at all times.

When it was time for Yizchak to find a wife, they sent Eliezer to search for her. Eliezer saw Rivkeh feeding her camels at the well and could see how kind she treated everyone.

We played with all things camels this week!

Eliezer saw how special she was by how the water rose showing how much Hashem loved her. We had fun in our dramatic play area learning about wells and how they work.

Eliezer realized she would be the perfect wife for Yitzchak and gave her beautiful jewelry. We made our own jewelry this week and gifted them to our loved ones too!

Our letter of the week was M. We played with monkeys and sang our favorite monkey nursery rhymes.

Nefesh and Neshama Pods learned H and worked on their number recognition, 1-20.

We continued learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism.

We look forward to next week when we continue learning about Yakov and Eisav. I see lentil soup in our future!

Words of the week





Ask Your Child

What is a well?

Who is Pablo Picasso?

What is your favorite shape?

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