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Welcome to CAMP GAN ISRAEL 2022!

It has been a fabulous first week of camp. We loved seeing the happy smiling faces when we arrived on Tuesday morning.

Everyone was ready for some major waterplay. We started the week with a ginormous waterslide moonbounce. The children enjoyed climbing and sliding down. We also set up many kiddy pools and a mini splash pad that the children adored.

We did shaving cream art this week. The children sprayed shaving cream on a tray and added their own choices of watercolor paint. they put the paper on it and created a print that is truly a piece of art.

We also created sand art pieces. We used glue on our paper and collaged different colored sand. It was so much fun!

In the CGI division, we created EDIBLE sand art using fruit loops. We separated the colors we wanted, crushed them in a bag and placed them in a glass jar.

CGI also went to the park, played relay races, games and had slurpees!

We went Iceland! Not the country, but the ice skating center! We had so much fun learning to skate and playing and on the ice.

We baked our own super size homemade vegan pretzels. We poured in the ingredients into a bowl, mixed it together, shaped the dough into pretzel shapes and baked them. They were delicious! We enjoyed them at snack time.

We made colored play dough from scratch as well and the children loved manipulating it with lots of loose parts.

CGI swam in the Burbank Aquatic center and loved splashing around and getting wet!

We ate the most delicious vanilla ice cream in a bag that we made in our bunk rooms. It was cold and yummy and so fun watching the ice cream take shape as we shook the bag so many times.

Coach Anthony came for our Mini Izzy division and CGI division and we love doing Playball with him.

We learned all about the Torah this week. We know that Gd gave us the Torah and it is not just a gift but it is our inheritance. We learned about the difference between a gift and an inheritance and we are so lucky to have the Torah as a guide on how to live a most meaningful life.

We made Challah and celebrated Shabbat Party all together. We welcomed so many new faces and we always enjoy our familiar friends too! Looking forward to a fantastic summer together in Camp Gan Israel 2022!

Shabbat Shalom!

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