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WE are the Guarantors!

Celebrating Shavuot this week and super excited the cheese (I mean Torah:) holiday is here!

We learned all about the 10 Commandments and were excited to go to Shul on Shavuot and hear them being read . We learned that Hashem gave the Jews the Torah and right away they were excited to start keeping kosher. They ended up eating a dairy meal because they did not have time to properly make their meat dishes in the kosher way. We spent the week making all the yummy dairy treats.

We know dairy comes from a cow and we loved milking our own little cow!

We took the “milk” and made our own shake in a bag, Ice cream!

We played and created our own ice cream shop. We used the cash registers and money to purchase and sell ice cream.

We also made our very own cheese. We used a recipe with lemon and milk. We took the milk and separated it in a cheesecloth and pressed out the liquid.

We made our very own cheese pizza from scratch! We loved spreading the cheese and pizza sauce on top.

We created amazing Torah worlds by making clay mountains and decorating them with flowers. We hope you enjoy these mini world centerpieces on your Shavuot table.

Shabbat Shalom and enjoy Shavuot with your loved ones!

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