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Van Gogh, Mondrian, Carle, Monet and more!

We've explored some fun artists this week. Van Gogh, Mondrian, Carle and Monet, are just some of the artists we looked into this week. We had a very artistic time learning about the different techniques of some of these famous painters.

We practiced painting what we saw in our still life Sunflowers inspired by famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

We used cellophane and paint to create an Eric Carle story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children love the story we can now tell with our art pieces.

We had fun using our linear shapes to create a one of a kind Mondrian look alike.

With Claude Monet we had fun using watercolors and crayons to make resist art inspired by his famous water colored portrait Lily’s.

We were little photographers and took to the city to photograph real pictures and then created a new collage art with paint from our real photos inspired by the artist Mikael Owunna.

We worked on the Hebrew letter final Mem and learned all about Qq too but have enjoyed revisiting Lamed as well!

Eric Adelman, a dad in our school, finished hanging instruments on our Music/ Activity wall! We are so excited about it and loved playing with it and it's a great addition to our outdoor play area.

We love and appreciate all our dads, we have been talking about them all week and we were so excited to welcome them to our school. It was really a blast celebrating our Dads Doughnuts Day.

We hope you Dads had a great time celebrating Shabbat with us!

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