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The Treasure Inside of Us!

Week 2 in Camp Gan Izzy was arggggggsome! The theme this week in camp was all about our treasure inside of us, our neshama! Our soul. We know our bodies are made from Hashem and a part of Hashem is inside all of us. When we do the right thing it makes Hashem happy.

We had a jolly good time Monday searching for buried treasures! We loved figuring out ways to make our treasures come out of ice! We loved playing with our frozen balloons too!

On Tuesday we went around our rooms for a scavenger hunt! We found lots of items on our treasure list.

Tuesday the Explorers group enjoyed a trip to Pacific Park.

Wednesday we enjoyed a day of arts and crafts. We decorated our own treasure box. We know the treasure boxes we made are a symbol of seeing the beauty within. We can fill them with mitzvah notes and Tzedakah and special treasures.

We also had an exciting visit from Mr. Science with an awesome show of bubbles!

Thursday was delicious! We made our very own pizza! We mixed and squished and topped it with yummy cheese!

Our Explorer group had a blast at the park and then ate a yummy pizza lunch at a beautiful Kosher Restaurant.

Friday we loved celebrating Shabbat with challah baking and singing outside with everyone! We enjoyed Taekwondo with Coach Anthony!

We celebrated some very special birthdays this week with our friends Yuval, Renee and Mirelle.

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