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Twins! The story of Yaacov and Eisav!

This week we learned about the children of Yitzchok and Rivkah, Yaacov and Eisav!

The twins were born and they couldn't be more different! Eisav was born as a red headed hunter, and Yaacov was a Torah scholar. We spoke about things that are the same and things that are different. We learned all about opposites this week.

We learned about the twin's birthright. We know that Eisav was born first but Yaacov was supposed to get the blessings from his father because he was supposed to be the true first born. As they grew up Yaacov was gentle and kind and loved to learn Torah. One day, Yaacov was making lentil soup for his father, and Eisav came in from hunting and wanted a bowl. Yaacov said he would give him the lentil soup in turn for the rite of his birthright. We loved cutting up vegetables and making our own tasty lentil soup together!

But... we had even more fun eating it!

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We have been reviewing all the members of our Jewish family and are speaking about the beautiful attributes we take from them.

We had a blast walking in the footsteps of our forefathers.

We worked on our letters of the week and numbers. We learned about Caught the Ball Kaf and Uch I dropped Chof.

Shabbos party was extra special this week we spoke about the special day in the Chassidic calendar Yud Shevat. This is a significant day when our previous Friediker Rebbe passed away. The Rebbe Menachem Mendel Shneerson took over and became the leader of the Lubavitcher movement. We know this is amazing because the Lubavitcher Rebbe knew how important it is to bring Judaism throughout the world. He envisioned a better world and sent Young Jewish couples throughout the globe to spread goodness and kindness. You can now travel all over the world and access Kosher food, Shabbat dinners, and Synagogue services just to name a few Mitzvot. Our own Rabbi Shmuly and Elana are the reason we have our BJP family in Burbank and that’s thanks to the profound wisdom of the Rebbe!

This week we had a blast celebrating Ryder and Yehudis' birthday's and eating yummy treats with them. We loved looking at the beautiful poster collages with all of the pictures from when our friends were young.

Words of the Week

Yud Shevat







Ask Your Child

How did Yaacov get the birthright?

How do you make lentil soup?

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