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Taking Care of Our World!

Week 8 was great! We spent this week focusing on taking care of our world. We know that it is our responsibility to make the world a place for Hashem to be comfortable. Using our resources properly is our responsibility. Making sure we are not wasting, recycling and taking care of our environment is the way we should live. Not throwing trash on our floor and reusing items is the way to love and have a cleaner world.

Monday we used water with shaving cream to make rain clouds.

We also had a blast with our water slide.

Tuesday we were scientists mixing colors in shaving cream. We swam and had fun in the sun too!

Wednesday we made a Torah collage with buttons and beads.

We also had a visit from Mr. Science where we learned about light and the “solar print”. We wore special glasses and looked at our world of light.

Thursday we blended up some yummy drinks! We made some lemon and mint lemonanas like they drink in Israel!

Friday we ate delicious rainbows we created for Shabbos party. We sang songs made blessings and baked yummy challah. We enjoyed Coach Anthony too!

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