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Spreading Delightful Colors!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We hope everyone had a festive, colorful, and safe 4th of July. The children came back excited and ready to share what they did to celebrate our “Independence Day.” Fireworks were definitely a “hot topic.” Some children said, “it looked like a rainbow at night time", so we made our own inspired rainbow kabobs!

It's been HOT here, and water splashes are the best on these warm summer days!

Messy invitations were awesome. We did sponge painting, roller painting and painting with puffy paints. We also created a race track maze and used our new cars donated by Renae.

We manipulated air dry clay and goop with our hands and added loose parts to give it some texture and definition.

Since our weather has been very pleasant this week, we supplemented art outdoors and put our easel to work. We splattered paint all over using tree branches and created a rainbow of colors.

CGI camper’s highlights of the week were going bowling and arcades.

We also caught some sun rays at the beach.

Although it was a short week, the campers kept themselves occupied with fun and festive activities such as creating a lava lamp, making smoothies, using popcorn kernels for art, tie dying tote bags, making ooblek stress balls and unpoppable bubbles. What an absolute celebratory week!

This week we learned that Gd wants us to spread colors of love, care, helpfulness and kindness to others. In doing so, people will also embrace and continue to spread delightful colors to others which will help our surroundings a colorful place with much love. With this theme in mind we made tie dye vegan cookies. The children learned how much fun it is to measure and mix ingredients together and loved how delicious the cookies tasted.

We also created rainbow fruit kabobs, and braided our yummy Challah, spreading more love and color around camp!

Coach Anthony came for play ball fun. The children learned to catch, toss and kick a ball along with coordinating their eyes, hands and feet and balancing their entire body.

We celebrated Shabbat Party all together, singing songs and some dancing.

Have an amazing weekend!

Shabbat Shalom!

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