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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

This week we have been focusing on taking care of our world by recycling.

We had such a wonderful Tu B'Shvat farmer's market. We learned all about fruits and vegetables and keeping our world beautiful and clean. We know if we can reuse items and not throw them away it’s better for our environment. We collected our reusable trash and turned it into art. We used old egg cartons to make flowers.

We used old toilet paper rolls to create beautiful Queen Esther’s (which we will talk about in the coming weeks).

We played with the extra cereal boxes, milk containers, and jars in our play kitchens.

We used extra newspapers and turned them into a seed ball to plant in our gardens. We ripped the paper and put it into our blender to create balls with water we rolled into flower seeds.

We loved painting rocks all sorts of fun colors! We made our own love rocks to show our love for each other and the beautiful world we live in.

We created Andy Warhol inspired art. He famous for painting fruits and vegetables and we did our own fun versions.

This week we looked at different sight words and flipped them with a spatula just like pancakes.

We painted with shaving cream to create a cool swirly design onto our wooden circles this week.

We focused on the letter L and we did a lacing activity which is awesome for our fine motor development.

We had such a wonderful Tu B'Shvat Farmer's Market!

Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers for manning the booths. We also want to take the opportunity to thank our AMAZING parents for volunteering for the Tu B'Shvat Farmers' Market today. Thanks to all of you it went better than we could have hoped and we are so grateful for our wonderful volunteers:

Set-Up Crew (8:30-9:15)

Volunteer 1: Hila

Volunteer 2: Shimrit

Volunteer 3: Tiffany

Volunteer 4: Dara

*Station 1: OJ and Lemonade Squeezing * 🍊 🍋

Volunteer 1: Eric

Volunteer 2: David

Volunteer 3: Nadav

Station 2: Fruit Skewers 🍉 🍈 🍍 (Erica will precut fruit)

Volunteer 1: Efrat

Volunteer 2: Esther

Station 3: Fruit roll up flowers 🌸

Volunteer 1: Talia

Volunteer 2: Amy

Station 4: Flower pots (gummy worms inside of cookie “dirt”) 🪱 🪴

Volunteer 1: Tiffany

Volunteer 2: Shimrit

Volunteer 3: Dorit

Station 5: Bite-sized Tu Bishvat fruit tasting 🍡

Volunteer 1: Itta

Volunteer 2: Julia

THANK YOU for putting together such a great Tu B'Shvat Farmer's Market!

We had so much fun with playball!

We absolutely loved the Chinchilla that Animaly brought! It was so cute and fluffy!

Shabbat Shalom!

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