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Red, White, & Blue!

We focused on Presidents Day this week.

We know Presidents are in charge of the United States of America. We said the pledge of allegiance and discussed all about the White House and the job of the president. Our Gimmel classes wrote about what they would do if they were in charge of our country. We designed and created unique American flags.

We created our own George Washington and Abraham Lincoln inspired art.

We had special hats and we dressed up like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!

We investigated all our money this week. We noticed the presidents faces on our coins and bills. We cleaned coins, matched them to the correct president, sorted them and counted their worth.

We learned about Nail final Nun this week and hammered with real nails into wood. Morah Bina brought a fun mask to help us remember the letter Nun.

We had so much fun doing yoga and learning new poses.

Animaly taught us all about animal tracks!

Shalom in Kita Aleph just turned 2!

We enjoyed our Shabbat party with Challah bread making and lots of singing and dancing!

Shabbat Shalom!

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