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Hashem's Promise to the World

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We have been singing and enjoying learning all about Noach (Noah) and the Teva (Ark) this week.

“Noach built a Teva, a Teva, a Teva! Noach built a Teva for everyone to see!”

We know Hashem wanted the people to do mitzvot but they were not and Hashem was sad and sent a mabul (flood).

Noach was instructed to take 2 of every animal and 7 of the kosher animals onto the Teva. He took care of all the animals while it rained and poured outside.

When 40 days passed and the flood was drying up Noach sent a dove to check if it was safe. The Dove finally came back with an olive branch.

Hashem made the first rainbow in the sky as a symbol and a promise that there will never be a mabul like that again.

We had so much fun sinking and floating objects in water. We decided if we thought an object would float or sink and then we tested our hypothesis.

We played matching games and worked on pairing different animals together. We even had a scavenger hunt outside gathering animals to put on the teiva.

Hashem made such a beautiful rainbow and we used all the colors of the rainbow to play this week.

Our Hebrew letter is Daled Drill and we enjoyed painting with a real drill!

We learned about the letter Dd. We were busy playing with dots and reading stories about Dogs and Doughnuts. We're learning how to use our Handwriting Without Tears wood pieces to make a D.

This week had a very important day, Election Day!

We lined up, casted our votes and tallied our ballots.

Words of the week







Who built the teiva?

What was the symbol of Hashem's promise?

How many days and nights did it rain?

What animals were on the teiva?

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