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Moon Rocks, Magic Mountain & More!

Camp Gan Israel Burbank has been a booming blast of fun!

What an amazing fun filled week we had at Camp Gan Israel Burbank!

On Monday we made moon rocks with baking soda, paint and glitter. They were like like our own shiny souvenirs from outer space.

We love swimming outside in the summer, it feels so refreshing, especially when it is so hot outside. We discovered we could move water from one pool to another using containers found throughout the playground.

CGI went to Six flags on Wednesday and had a blast. They rode so many rides and some campers even tried them for the first time!

We had so much fun using shaving cream to create art. It was so fun to see the various designs and combinations each child came up with.

On Thursday we explored spray art and used many colors to create a stenciled art piece.

CGI went to Kids Empire and love the obstacle courses and climbing so high. We jumped and bounced and played galore.

Friday we explored magic milk which is part science and part art. We explored how colored dye moves throughout the milk and creates unique designs and patterns.

The theme of this week was Shabbat and we loved learning all about it and ending our week with our special community Shabbat party outside, baking Challah and singing Shabbat songs together.

Shabbat Shalom!

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