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Moms' Muffins!

We had such an exciting week getting ready for Mom's Muffins. We finished our beautiful gifts and are so proud of this magnificent keepsake.

We loved celebrating with all our moms! Thank you to everyone for attending and making it such a special day!

We filled out questionnaires telling what we love most about our moms. Our Gimmel class wrote all the answers themselves!

We hope you had a nice time spending the morning with us making challah, decorating candles and eating muffins! We know we did!

We celebrated Lag B'Omer this week with a bonfire! We made s’mores and had fun eating them while singing songs around the fire.

We showed our appreciation for all the Morahs with Teacher Appreciation Week!

We focused on the letter W this week and we did wet, dry, try. Where we practiced our fine motor skills writing and erasing the letters with water and paintbrushes.

We loved using small parts in the mini caves & know Rabbi Shimin Bar Yochai lived in a cave so he could study Torah when it wasn't allowed.

We also revisted our fire safety rules and enjoyed a fire safety sensory bin.

Ms Ace came and did Yoga with us! We love stretching and bending with her on our yoga mats & enjoyed doing yoga outside this week.

We celebrated Amy's 2nd birthday in the Nook!

We loved having all the Moms at our Shabbat Party!

Shabbat Shalom!

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