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Lots & Lots of Matzah!

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

We have been banging hammers and singing Dayenu all week! We love learning about Pesach!

We know that King Pharaoh made the Jewish people work hard as slaves. We put on a Pharaoh headdress and acted out the story of Exodus.

We dressed up like Moshe and asked Pharoah to "LET MY PEOPLE GO"! We know Pharaoh shouted "NO NO NO, I will not let them go".

We have been playing with baby Moshe baskets and talking about how Pharaoh's daughter Batya took Moshe out of the Nile river and that Moshe grew up in the Kings palace.

We made baby Moshe quilts for the letter Q.

We made our Seder plates this week out of clay.

We also spray painted our Matzah bags.

We made Pyramids with blocks, poured and played with grape juice, and separated the sea from the dry land with small parts.

What a great week! Shabbat Shalom!

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