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Joy Abounds! It's Finally Adar!

What a joyous week we had. We have been getting in the spirit by creating Shushan Towns in all our classrooms.

Coloring in our huge castles were so much fun and they've brought the Purim story to life!

We also painted a castle outside to decorate our outdoor play area.

We have been learning about the miracles Hashem created long ago in Shushan Town. We loved setting up our dramatic play area and used puppets and costumes to act out the Purim story.

We know the characters in the Megillah. King Achashverosh, Queen Vashti, Haman, Mordechai the Tzadik and our brave Queen Esther and made our own crowns just like they had!

We have been coloring and decorating paper hamentashen, and filling it with and pom poms as our pretend filling.

We know the gragger makes a loud sound and we explored many types of sounds this week.

We sang so many Purim songs and loved putting our faces in our life size character puppets.

We revisited our slime from last week and practiced cutting it. This was one of our favorite activities.

We are practicing our writing skills and drawing the Purim characters as puppets and writing their names in Hebrew and English.

We did some sewing for Samech and made some smiley faces too!

We always love when coach Anthony comes and we get to move our body in Playball!

We had a great big Shabbos party with puppets and songs.

We also celebrated Morah Shaina's birthday and Menachem's birthday. Shabbat Shalom!


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