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Increase in Good Deeds Today and Everyday!

We jumped right into learning all about the upcoming holidays of Yom Kippur.

We learned about a scale and understand the concept of increasing in acts of goodness and kindness and mitzvot so that we can tip the scale in favor of everything good.

We know that on Yom Kippur we ask Gd to forgive and we try to be extra kind to our friends today and everyday. We learned it is customary to wear white and our mommy's and daddy's don't eat or drink and daven (pray) a lot of the day.We learned the story about Yonah and the whale. How Yonah tried to hide from Hashem and was swallowed by a whale. He davened and did Teshuva and was saved. We know it is never too late and Hashem always forgives us. We made our own whale in our classroom and imagined what it would be like to be in the tummy of a whale.

We learned about kaparot and that some people use money by giving tzedakah and others use chickens by donating them to the poor top eat and this is a way we can ask Gd to atone for our sins. We even had a real chicken come and visit us!

We learned about Sukkot as well! We know that we shake a lulav and an Etrog on Sukkot and we got to hold one and shake a real one ourselves. We practiced shaking in all directions to show Hashem is all around us.

We began working on our Sukkah decorations. We are painting wooden shadow boxes.

We have been learning our letters of the week A and F and the Hebrew letter Gimmel.

We have been forming our letters with sticks, using play dough, and making numbers with our small parts.

We have dance enrichment with Morah Brittany and the children love it so much!

We created a beautiful outdoor art area, the children and having the best time creating magnificent art outside!

We revisited examining pomegranates from Rosh Hashana.

Every week we celebrate Shabbat with a school wide Shabbat party which we love. Shabbat Shalom!

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