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Happy & Healthy Sweet New Year!

Shana Tova U'metuka! Wishing our BJP family a happy sweet New Year! We are so excited to be taking home all the projects we worked on this past few weeks and celebrate the holiday at home with family.

We are looking forward to eating apples and honey, pomegranates with so many seeds symbolizing the many mitzvot in the Torah, and all foods that are sweet. We even made our own sweet honey cakes!

We spoke about the symbolism of the fish at the table, that reminds us to be like the head and not the tail. We focused all our week about bees and honey. We learned about the lifecyle of the bee and how the worker bees go from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar to bring back to the hive to create honey for us.

We spoke about how different flowers of collected pollen create different tastes of the flavor of honey. We tasted different flavors and decided which we liked best.

We painted “honeycomb” and practiced stringing them.

We used small parts to review the sounds of the shofar, we also learned about the parts of the bee.

We sang all our Rosh Hashana songs and we are ready to hear the Shofar blast in Shul.

We know on Rosh Hashana we walk to a body of water with fish in it to throw our Aveirot away, and commit to Hashem to do more Mitzvot! We will continue to learn about this after Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur as well.

This week we also had Yoga with Ace. We loved it so much!

We had music with Morah Robin this week and sang so many Rosh Hashana songs.

Wishing you a Ketiva V'Chatima Tova, a Happy and Sweet New Year filled with revealed blessings in all areas.

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