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Getting Ready for Chanukah

Chanukah oh Chanukah come light the Menorah!

What a beautiful week we had learning all about the Beis Hamigdosh, the holy temple in Israel!

We made our vey own Beis Hamigdosh! We had so much fun painting it but we had even more fun playing in it once it was dry.

We know it was Hashem's home and people from all over came to daven and celebrate Hashem there!

We know at the time there was a mean King named Antiochus that came and told the Jewish people they couldn't daven there any more. The mean King tried to stop everyone from being Jewish. He didn’t want anyone celebrating Shabbat, doing mitzvot, or practicing Jewish customs. Antiochus destroyed the temple with his army but he didn’t win the war! Yehudah and the brave Maccabees got together to fight back! No one was going to stop us from doing mitzvot! We won the temple back and found a small bit of oil to light the menorah! Hashem made miracles, it lasted 8 days!

We painted dreidels, counted dreidels, and played with dreidels all week!

We have been discussing Hashem's miracles and practicing counting days 1-8.

We have been gathering materials to create a menorah of our own!

We are so excited to bring the light and miracles into our homes!

We got to celebrate Sarah's 4th birthday with her this week and it was so much fun!

Words of the week







Who was the mean guy in the Chanukah story?

Who were the good guys in the Chanukah story?

What miracles did Hashem make?

Can Hashem make miracles now?

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