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Food Groups & Blessings

...For the wonderful food we eat!! We had a delicious week learning all about brochot, blessing Hashem for all of the food we eat. That means we did a lot of eating, Yum!

Ha'Gafen: We had so much fun squishing grapes and banging them with a mallet to create our very own grape juice! We know grape juice and wine is very special to us. We make kiddush 2x every Shabbat before our meal and say the Bracha blessing Hashem who made the fruit of the vine, grapes! We also make awesome grape art!

Mezonot: This week we baked delicious soft pretzels that we boiled in baking soda water and added salt. We learned about this blessing and we know we thank Hashem for all of the grains including rye spelt, barley, oats and of course, wheat!

Ha'Adamah: We washed and peeled potatoes which was such a great way to practice our fine motor skills. We then cut the potatoes into french fries and we baked them in the oven with garlic salt and thanked Hashem for creating fruit of the earth foods.

Ha'Etz: We used the apple peeler to skin and slice apples. It was fun watching the apples go in circles and spiraling into shape. Then we baked them in the oven and made delicious baked apple chips. We thanked Hashem who creates all of the fruit from trees!

Ha'Motzei: We make challah every Shabbat in BJP and this bread is so special to us. Every time we eat bread we thank Hashem who brings forth bread from the earth!

We loved learning about Long Line Lamed our Hebrew letter for the week and even found a pretzel that looked like a long line!

We also practiced writing the letter O for our English letter of the week. And made the coolest OUTER SPACE ART. We had fun revisiting the solar system and planets and created our own outer space art and planet paintings. The children taped their own paper and then painted it with watercolor and finished it off with lots and lots of O letters creating one of a kind beautiful planet paintings!

Shabbat Shalom!

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