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Dads' Donuts!

We’ve been very busy this week getting ready for Dads donuts.

We’ve been painting and working to make everything special for our Dads whom we love so much.

We did a questionnaire and asked everyone what they love about their dads. Kita Gimmel even wrote their own answers. We painted puzzles with water color and decorated cards.

Thank you Dads for coming to spend the morning with us!

We focused this week learning about all the brachas we make on food! There are 6. Ha Eitz for fruits from the tree, Hadomah vegetables from the ground. Hagofen for the wine and grape juice we make Kiddush with, Hamotzei for the challah and breads we eat. We know Mezonot is for all the delicious baked goods. Shehakol is everything else. Drinks, ice cream, meat and dairy.

We baked delicious cinnamon muffins for Mezonot.

We ate a rainbow of fruits for Ha Eitz.

We did apple picking with our flannel board stories.

We learned about the letter K and we decorated Kites!

We explored the Hebrew letter Mem. We did a Hebrew letter matching game for Mem.

We had so much fun doing yoga.

We look forward to next week when our parents come and facilitate a beautiful farmers Market in honor of the holiday Tu B Shevat. We will taste all the delicious foods and practice our brochos. We love ending our week making challah and celebrating Shabbat party together! Good Shabbos!

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