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Celebrating our HOLY land, Israel!

We had such a beautiful time taking a very special “trip” to Israel!

We welcomed our parent volunteers to traveling all over our beautiful country.

We started visiting the holiest place in Israel, the Kotel, which is the last remaining wall from the Beit Hamikdosh. We gave Tzedakah before writing a special prayer to put on the Kotel.

We picked and squeezed oranges and drank the most delicious orange juice in Yaffo.

We cut vegetables straight from a farm in Gush Etzion and made the most delicious Israeli salad.

We mashed chickpeas and made homemade chummus in Tel Aviv.

We traveled up north and designed bracelets in the beautiful artist colony inTzfat! We visited the Knesset and created Israeli flag necklaces.

What fun we had decorating passports with stamps, creating Israel birthday crowns that were kachol and lavan, (blue and white).

We learned about the Hebrew letter Kuf and know it makes the "kkkkk" sound and we decorated kkkk-candles.

We searched for umbrellas in a sensory rice box for the letter Uu.

We learned about Marc Chagall and created stained glass pictures just light he was known for.

We squished sand and shaving cream together to feel the different textures.

We loved learning about caterpillars with Animaly.

Shabbat party and challah making is always a beautiful end to an amazing week! Shabbat Shalom!

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