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Food Groups, Keeping our Bodies Healthy and Brachot Before We Eat!

We’ve been learning where food comes from all week! We had so much fun exploring the different food groups and learning about the 6 different food Brochot that we say before we eat!

We know fruit grows from a tree. It starts with a little seed, planted in the ground. The little seed becomes a big tree which ultimately bears fruit. We cut up our fruit salad and painted prints with citrus fruits.

We even used fruit to make our own self portraits just like the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo!

We spoke about vegetables that grow in the ground. We did farm to table for this healthy treat.

We dug out our veggies from the dirt and washed them really carefully, then diced and most enjoyably ate them! Delish!

We also enjoyed painting and making prints from rolling corn. Mezonot, the blessing on grains, was a fun blessing to learn.

We all enjoyed baking special treats like chocolate chip biscotti (traditionally named mandle broit) and delicious oatmeal cookies.

We learned about the different foods that come from the farm. Honey from bees, eggs from chickens, and dairy and meat. We enjoyed painting with animals and making different tracks with their hooves.

Hamotzei is always wonderful on Fridays here in BJP. We make our own challah and this week we discussed the blessing we make while mixing it and eating it! We said HaGafen while making kiddush for our grape juice at our Shabbat party!

We know that food is readily available at the supermarket for us to buy, but we know it starts with Hashem providing us sun and rain for our fields and gardens and healthy animals for our farms.

We had a special birthday celbration with Calev. Happy 5th birthday!

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Ask Your Child

What blessing do we say on carrots?

Why do we say a bracha?

How do we get our kiddush wine/ grape juice?

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