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In the Beginning G-d Created...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

It’s so nice to be back to school after a wonderful month of beautiful holidays! We know our final holiday was a celebration of our completing the reading of the Torah all year and now we start at the beginning.

Bereshit Boro Elokim Es Hashomayim V Es Haoretz! In the beginning Hashem created the Heavens and the Earth! We spoke about Day 1 and really enjoyed playing with the colors of dark and light. We used paint, beans, light tables, and had fun exploring different shades.

Day 2 was wonderfully wet where we explored Hashem splitting the sea and sky! We used water, shaving cream and watercolors to enjoy this day!

Day 3 brought us flowers grass and trees and along with it we painted, dug in dirt and planted, and explored the many colors of flowers by cutting off the petals to dry them.

We love learning the Hebrew letters in the Torah. We began this week with the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Aleph. We have a special program run by Morah Simi where we took a trip on our aleph airplane all the way to Israel. Our airplane "apple" snack flew out into the sky. We flew around the sky to collect the apples and created an aleph with them. We also played "I Spy Aleph". Everyone received an I spy aleph sticker, magnifying glass, a paper numbered one through 12 and a crayon. The objective was to search the yard for the 12 alephs hidden throughout all made from different materials. We had a blast!

We started our Alphabet letters this week too with the letter A. We learned what sound an A makes and how many of our friends start with that letter. In our handwriting program, Handwriting Without Tears, for our Gimmel and Daled friends we learned about Mat man and the first writing letter F. We practiced writing in sand, in the air, and then we used paper and markers to form the writing letter of the week.

We celebrated a very special 5th birthday with our friend Mia this week and we also celebrated Andy's 4th birthday!

We also want to say Mazel Tov to our new big brother and sister Josh and Gabby!

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