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Celebrating all things NATURE!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

THANK YOU all so much for joining us at our second annual Outdoor Spruce Day! We had a great time beautifying our garden, painting KINDNESS ROCKS to place all around our outdoor play area for friends to find, planting our home-made seed paper into pots, creating fruit skewers and painting our new music/ activity wall! All in honor of Tu B'Shvat, the Birthday of the trees!

And THANK YOU for taking the time to visit with us for Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday. It was great having the opportunity to converse about your children. The assessments are a great way for us to share with you how much your child is blossoming. It also gives us the opportunity to assess their strengths and determine which areas we need to focus on to help them continue to learn and flourish.The consistency provided between home and school connection is priceless.

It was a shorter week but we enjoyed everything trees and celebrating Tu B Shevat. We took oranges and lemons and made citrus juice! It was delish!

We used the juice press with our strong muscles and watched the juice flow.

We also enjoyed citrus painting,

creating our own truffula trees,

playing with citrus scented playdough, examining oranges and lemons and drawing them.

We had a life size tree that we could velcro fruits on and off of it

and we also made our own grass heads by filling a stocking with soil and grass seeds! We are excited to take them home and watch them grow.

We continued working on our cherry blossom trees.

We practiced our writing and cutting Hebrew and English letters.

It was the best kind of action packed week. We even had a super special visitor. Hello Critter came and we did YOGA with BUNNIES! We stretched and cuddled and had a blast!

And of course we enjoyed Coach Anthony with Playball, celebrating with the whole BJP in honor of Shabbat and shaping our own Challah! We feel so lucky to come to school every day and love being with friends who are now like family!

Shabbat Shalom!

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