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Welcome to BJP 2022/23!

Such an exciting time the beginning of a new school year! Meeting new friends, getting comfortable with new teachers, classrooms, and schedules.

Our new routines are a great time for new beginnings. New expectations and new rituals. We have been loving our days here at BJP.

We’ve been discussing all about the Hebrew month of Elul. We spoke about the Hebrew Calendar, the months of the year and how it follows the moon, unlike the American calendar following the sun. We will start learning both Hebrew and English literacy soon, but for now we are enjoying playing with our letter manipulatives.

We know in the month of Elul we hear the Shofar blast daily. This reminds us that Rosh Hashana is near and we should wake up and do a new mitzvot. We look forward to next week learning more about the Shofar.

We had only a few days in school this week, but it was jam packed fun and we loved ending our short week with our traditional challah baking and grand school wide Shabbat party outside together with all our BJP classes.

Shabbat Shalom! It’s been a fabulous start!

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