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Welcome Back!

We were so excited to welcome our friends back from winter break.

We loved sharing all about winter vacation adventures, with pictures from home!

This week we learned all about Avraham and Sara’s child, Yitzchak, and his new wife, Rivkah. Rivkah gave the camels water, gave her chair to someone older, and helped an older woman find her way home. We can learn so much from her! We played with a well this week and discussed how special Rivkah was, that when she arrived at the well, the water came up to meet her instead of her having to reach down for it.

We made jewelry to remember how Eliezer gave Rivkah jewelry when she married Yitzchak.

We learned all about the season of winter. We made melting snowmen with play doh.

We enjoyed learning all about our healthy bodies. We matched different foods with our body to a collage.

We learned all about brushing our teeth and how it keeps our teeth sparkling clean!

We learned about the Hebrew letter Kaf,Chaf, and Final Chaf. We threw ping pong balls to learn about our drop the ball and catch the ball Cap it program sounds.

We spoke about the letter K this week and created Kites.

We focused on the artist Vincent Van Gogh and worked on making our self portraits with his artistic style in mind.

We loved stretching in our Yoga class with Ms. Ace.

We met a new animal with Animaly.

Shabbat party singing, dancing and challah baking, finish our week with such a beautiful tradition. 

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