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Welcome Back!

What a wonderful start to a beautiful new school year.

We enjoyed meeting and greeting all of you at our Orientation Wednesday. We saw many old friends and were able to meet a bunch of new ones.

Thursday and Friday were busy getting comfortable with the schedules and routines of our new school year.

We loved playing with our toys, doing activities, and having fun with our new friends.

We heard the sound of the Shofar with Rabbi Shmuly.

We gave Tzedakah & hugged our Torah while singing the Tefilot.

We took first day of BJP photos.

We know that Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year and coming soon! We hear the shofar and remember to do extra good deeds (mitzvot) to bring in the New Year. We've already started painting with some Rosh Hashana inspiration in mind.

We love having a Shabbat party together with the whole school on Fridays. We come together outside to sing and dance and celebrate our upcoming day of rest.

We made yummy challah. We shaped it and put cinnamon on top and it is so delicious. We hope you enjoy it with your families.

Wishing Rabbi Shmuly & Elana Mazel Tov on their first granchild. They celebrated the Bris this week and we want to welcome new baby Menachem Mendel Kornfeld into the family.

Shabbat Shalom! Looking forward to a fabulous year together.

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