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Welcome Back!

We hope you had a wonderful winter break.

We have been focusing this week all about Avraham, our first Jewish forefather. We know he was a Tzaddik and he lived in a tent. We played in tents just like Avraham! We also used popsicle sticks, material, and play dough to use our creative thinking skills and try to build our own tent.

We know as a small child Avraham discovered who Hashem was and taught everybody to love Hashem too. We learned about two very important mitzvahs from Avraham. Hachnasat Orchim, inviting guests into our home, and Bikor Cholim, visiting the sick.

We know Hashem gave Avraham a bracha that he would have as many children as the stars in the sky and we are all descendants of Avraham. We are all shiny stars. We created a sparkly picture to go along with this bracha!

We know we can see the stars are in the sky but there’s also so many things up high we can’t see like Planets! We created our own planets this week and discussed our solar system too!

We had so much sensory fun by making snow out of shaving cream and toy stuffing!

We made our own little snowmen out of play dough and we painted them different colours!

We did some stretches when ACE came and did yoga with us.

Playball was soooo much fun!

Animaly showed us a white mouse. It was great to learn about this awesome animal!

We had such a wonderful time at the Moms' Mixer this week! Thank you so much Talia Malkin and Chaya Tenenbaum for hosting us!

Shabbat Shalom!

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