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Welcome Back!

We loved hearing about everyone’s fabulous Pesach and Spring break.

The children shared stories of spending time with family and enjoying the holiday together. We are so happy to be back in BJP, playing with our friends and enjoying our routines!

This week we started learning about Shavuot, the upcoming holiday when Hashem gave us a present, the Torah! He gave it to us on Har Sinai. We each made Har Sinai mountains for our classroom.

We know Shavuot is 49 days after Pesach and we are counting down the Omer everyday. We drew, cut and colored flowers, because we learned that even though Har Sinai was in a desert, it was decorated with flowers.

We also created the beautiful Luchot (Tablets that held the 10 Commandments) to go on top.

We are excited about Israel’s birthday next week and we have begun decorating in Kachol B’Lavan, Blue and white. We know Israel is the home to us and we look forward to exploring so many cities and the special places in Israel next week.

We are loving having everyone back in BJP and look forward to another fantastic week together! Shabbat Shalom and weekend wishes!

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