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Parent Handbook

Thank you for your interest in Burbank Jewish Preschool and Infant Care. Enclosed you will find information about our school including policies and procedures, registration and admission. 


Our school is committed to providing a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment for young children, age’s infant until 5 years.


We believe that each child has a unique set of interests, abilities, and styles of learning. Our goal is to create a program that can cater to and celebrate their individual differences and challenge those inquisitive minds.


Our program provides a safe environment in which young children can grow through play and hands on exploration. Children are given many opportunities for experimentation and involvement including taekwondo, cooking, science, creative arts, music and movement, gymnastics, yoga and sports, just to name a few.


This handbook is intended for normal circumstances (Pre and Gd willing post Covid-19). Please read our Covid-19 addendum for important changes in our guidelines, policies and programing.

To view our Parent Handbook please click below:

To view our Tuition Rates please click below:

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