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Let My People Go!

What a wonderfully busy week it has been as we are preparing for Pesach!

We dressed up as Moshe and told Pharaoh" Let my people go!"

We have been working on our beautiful mosaic Seder plates.

We started decorating Matzah bags for hiding the Afikomen, our dessert.

Inspired by George Seurat's pointillism, we painted Matzahs this week, adding our own unique touch.

We built Pyramids with "Mortar" playdough, ensuring our bricks stuck together. 

We enjoyed our splitting of the sea sensory bin.

We played with frogs, which was one of the ten plagues to Pharaoh for not letting the Jewish people go.

We practiced cleaning for Pesach.

We reviewed our Alphabet letters while enjoying slime.

We learned about the letter Xx and investigated X rays!

We loved having music with Morah Robyn.

We had so much fun in playball!

We loved meeting a new baby goat friend with animaly.

We ended our amazing week singing Shabbat songs together and making yummy challah. 

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