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Getting ready for Yom Kippur!

Tzedakah and acts of kindness are equivalent to all the mitzvot in the Torah

We learned all about Tzedakah and how special it is to give to charity, especially before Yom Kippur. We had a fun provocation sorting through all of the different tzedakah coins.

Lessons we learned from Yonah

We learned about Yonah and the whale and about how (G-d) told Yonah to go to a place where people weren’t behaving and Yonah didn’t want to go. He was afraid to be around bad people. He ran away instead. He went on a boat and hid in the middle of the ocean. Guess what? Hashem found him and made the weather so bad he was thrown in the water. He was swallowed by a whale! He realized Hashem made it happen and he did Teshuva! He davened (prayed) to Hashem to get out! He got out and did what he was told! We can’t hide from Hashem we know Hashem is everywhere and he always forgives our mistakes!

We did sensory exploration while we learned and talked about the story! We loved searching for Yonah under the sensory bags!

What is Teshuva?

We have been talking about Teshuva, forgiveness, and how important it is to be good to each other. We also learned about making mistakes. We drew our mistakes on a white board and then we wiped them clean. Everyone makes mistakes and its never too late to say I'm sorry.

Self Expression

We are also learning about self expression. We made self portraits by looking in the mirror and drawing our beautiful selves.

It's almost Sukkot!

We are getting for the Sukkot holiday and we even started building our own sukkah.

We have been painting and getting ready to beautify our beautiful sukkot.

It was so much fun we couldn't help but dance!

We learned about the Lulav, the palm branch and the Etrog, the citron fruit. We shake them all around to celebrate Hashem being everywhere!

We even colored our own! Making still life art is so good for our observational skills!

Our little fingers did a lot of work this week with all of the beading we have done. We are working on a very special Sukkah decoration that we can't wait to take home and show you!

It has been a lot of work but it's also been a lot of fun! We painted, we beaded and Morah even helped us drill holes.

We had some birthday celebrations this week! We wished Mia a big Happy Birthday, she is 4 years old! We also wished Gabby a very special first birthday!

We love singing and dancing for our special birthday friends.

Mazal Tov to the Rivkin family! They had a beautiful baby girl Bina and we are so excited for new big brother Menachem.

Words of the week






Ask Your Child?

Where did Yonah hide?

What are the 3 steps in saying I’m sorry?

How did Yonah get out of the whales tummy?

Why did Hashem let him out?

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