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What a Fantastic Start to 2024!

Updated: Jan 18

Starting our week off Saturday night with a Camping Havdalah PJ party was amazing!

Thank you to all the family’s who came to join us for s’mores and more. We love having an opportunity to connect.

This week we spoke about the Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs. We know Yitzchak and Rivkah had twins named Yaakov and Eisav. They couldn’t be more different! We learned all about opposites and about matching.

We know that Yaakov and Eisav argued over a bowl of lentil soup, which was the trade Eisav made and gave up his birthright. We made lentil soup this week too!

The soup was SO yummy!

We know Tu B'Shevat, the birthday of the trees is coming.

We enjoyed playing in the sensory bin with dirt and flowers.

We explored chlorophyll with a magnifying glass

We painted Starry Night by Van Gogh

Kita Gimmel made snowmen out of Playdoh.

We focused on the Hebrew letter Lamed. We made leaf prints in paint on the Lamed.

Our English letter this week was the letter Ll. We used safe needles to lace the letter L’s.

Our Nook friends made lemonade for the letter Ll

We always love when Morah Robyn comes and teaches us music. We all got a turn playing with her mini keyboard piano, it was so much fun!

Coach Anthony came and we love doing Playball with him!

Ending off our week with challah baking and our grand Shabbat party made this another fantastic week! 

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