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Tu B Shevat is here, it's the birthday of the trees!

We have been celebrating nature this week.

We learned we need trees for so many things we enjoy daily. Wood furniture, home for small animals, shade, and fruit and nuts just to name a few.

We made and tasted our own fruit trees.

We played with wood all week!

We made our own paper from our mitzvah notes, added floral seeds and plan to plant them to create new beautiful plants for our homes.

We practiced our writing and drawing skills on paper.

We used our mouth to blow ink onto paper to create branches and make beautiful Almond trees blossoming with pink flowers.

We took baby’s breath and cut them and placed them in different colored water to see what would happen, we made rainbows! Then we colored and painted the new flower colors we saw come to life!

We beaded branches and decorated mini trees.

We painted and cut to create big trees to decorate our classroom walls as well!

We had a Fabrengan and learned about Yud Shvat (the 10th day of the Hebrew month Shavt) and know it is the day our Rebbe accepted leadership of the Chabad movement. Chabad of Burbank and Burbank Jewish Preschool are one of the thousands of Jewish centers around the world dedicated to spreading the light of Judaism, teaching about Torah Mitzvot and love for all and this is a day for us to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Jojo & Chana!

It was a jam packed fun filled week celebrating the birthday of the Trees and we look forward to learning all about brachot on food next week and celebrating everyone's differences learning about Dr Martin Luther King!

Shabbat Shalom!

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