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Celebrating Our Trees!

It was so wonderful getting together with BJP Mom's on Sunday at the Craft Bar and painting Jerusalem inspired art. We loved connecting with you all. 

Tu B’Shvat marks the festival of trees. This week, we have been discussing the trees' birthday and delved into the various parts of the tree.

Inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh, we painted sunflowers.

We recycled crayons and made our very own new crayons!

We went on a nature walk in honor of Tu B'Shvat and had so much fun exploring!

A special thanks to all the parent volunteers who came out to facilitate our Farmers Market.

We enjoyed a special market where we got to taste all the yummy items and practice making brochos on them!

We had so much fun making shows with our friends in our outdoor puppet play area!

Our letter of the week was Mm. We used small parts to fill in the letter M’s.

The Hebrew letter was Mem and Final Mem. We engaged in magic painting of Mem’s with magnets. Without even touching the paint, the magnets magically made the paint move!

We love yoga with Ms. Ace!

As always, we ended our week by meeting a new animal in Animaly and celebrating Shabbat together with challah baking in our classrooms. Shabbat Shalom!

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