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Torah, Torah!

Our campers had a fantastic time all week long, playing inside and outside!

Throughout the week, our theme was learning about the Torah. The kids had a blast singing and dancing to Torah songs.

On Monday, we explored chemical reactions through exciting experiments.

Tuesday brought the joy of making the most delicious s'mores together, it was so much fun!

Wednesday was a colorful day! We dyed rice and made a beautiful rainbow.

On Thursday, the children got creative with sand art and made super cool artwork.

As we approached Friday, the excitement grew even more. We had a special Shabbat party, where we sang our favorite Shabbat songs and joyfully made challah. The kids also enjoyed crafting rainbow bracelets, adding to the fun filled day. We also celebrated the Upshern, hair-cutting ceremony of Daniel and his family brought bunnies for us to play and snuggle with!

Shabbat Shalom!

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