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Todah Hashem!

What a fabulous week welcoming in all our BJP families to celebrate being grateful! We decorated centerpieces, wore our homemade costumes, sang our thankful and grateful songs, and enjoyed celebrating with you, our school family!

We made our Todah Hashem shirts using the cricket!

We made delicious pumpkin pie with Mom's and Dad's!

We decorated a special grateful tree and wrote everything we are thankful for!

We made our own mini Thankful books!

We enjoyed getting to play with Pumpkins and explored them while banging mallets with golf tees to create holes. We loved hearing the solid and hollow sounds.

We took flowers and placed them in the holes to use for beautiful pumpkin floral centerpieces.

We counted the pumpkin seeds and baked them to have our very own homemade roasted pumpkin seeds!

We also baked the Pumpkin. We put cinnamon and sugar on it and it was so yummy!

We counted fall items and wrote with sticks in fall colored sand.

We used a Fall sensory writing tray to practice our letters.

We investigated our egg experiment from last week and learned the egg in water stays the same, the egg in soda turns brown, and the egg in vinegar, the shell disappears and the egg looks transparent and feels super gooey.

The letter for this week was the letter Ff . We painted with feathers!

The Hebrew letter was the letter Vav. We put violin sticks to match our vav sounds.

In Kita Gimmel we spoke about literature awareness. We know the author writes the words and the illustrator draws the pictures to create a book.

We enjoyed Yoga with Ms. Ace and stretched into so many poses we are actually getting good!

Thank you to everyone for joining us for Sip & Centerpieces, we loved mingling and we look forward to our next Mom's Mixer.

Animaly was amazing and we got to meet a live turkey! Gobble Gobble.

We loved ending our week with a grand Shabbat party with the whole Kita Gimmel Family, as well as baking challah for Shabbat.

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