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The Stars In The Sky

We have been busy learning all about the first Jewish man, Avraham, and his wife, Sara. Avraham was a small boy when he figured out that G-d created the world. He taught us about two important mitzvot: Hachnasas Orchim, inviting guests, and Bikor Cholim, visiting the sick. Avraham and Sara would always invite so many guests into their tent. We had so much fun going into Avraham and Sara's tent!

Sara had special blessings in her Jewish home. When she lit Shabbat candles, they stayed lit all week and didn’t burn out. When she made challah it was fresh and plentiful all week.

We also know Avraham was promised from G-d to have as many children as there are stars in the sky. We spoke about the solar system this week.

We created a beautiful project about our universe.

We enjoyed the letter Jj and put beads on our jellyfish.

We used yellow yarn to paint for our Hebrew letter Yud.

In science we explored ice and tried to melt snowflakes with salt and water.

We have been practicing our rhyming and always love reading stories with rhymes.

Shabbat Shalom! We hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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