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Thank You BJP Family!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

We loved welcoming all of your to our back to school night. Our goal in BJP is to provide our students with a lifelong LOVE for learning, a motivation for innovation, and a gift to be invited to exist in this world exactly as they were created. "The value of a child lies not in what they accomplish, but in who they are." -Kol Yisroel, Talmud, Sanhedrin

Thank you for the partnership and commitment we have with you.

We had a wonderful week learning about the last 3 days of creation. We are continuing to work on our exciting project that will go home in honor of Thanksgiving. We are carefully decorating each wood pieces in honor of each day of creation. a great reminder to be grateful and thankful for the wonderful world we live in.

We learned that on Day 4, Gd created the sun moon and stars. We enjoyed looking at our solar system and learning a little about it.

Day 5, Gd brought fish and birds. We looked at pictures of animals with different habitats and separated them into the right category. Birds fly, fish swim, and animals walk on dry land.

All the animals and the first man and woman, Adam and Chava, were created on Day 6.. We read stories and spoke about the animals. We played with our animals and tried to connect the phonetic syllables to the proper animals.

Our English letter of the week was Bb. We separated beans for the letter B sounds.

We learned about the Hebrew letter Bet and Vet. Our Hebrew reading Cap It program teaches us the Ball in the Box Bet and Van Vet look the same except for the ball inside Bet.

We used different items to match the sounds.

We also played with Bubbles for B and Bet!

We learned about Picasso this week and are creating our very own Picasso inspired masterpiece.

We had Coach Anthony and loved Play Ball with him.

We wrote letters to the Soldiers protecting our holy land, Israel and love ending our week with our school wide Shabbat party and challah baking.

We wish you all a wonderful Shabbat. Wishing you an abundance of blessings, love and good things to come and we look forward to celebrating SIMCHAS together!

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