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Spread Shabbat All Around!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Another fabulous week of camp went by with so many fun activities.

The Theme of our week was spreading Shabbat, which only comes once a week but we can spread Shabbat throughout the entire week by prepping, planning, shopping, thinking and talking about it. We can also spread Shabbat to others by teaching others the importance of honoring and respecting Gd’s day of rest along with unity of family and friends by inviting others to join and share the beauty of Shabbat.

On Monday, we started our week by making moon rocks using ingredients such as baking soda, water, glitter, and black paint.

We mixed all the ingredients together and waited for it to dry and form into moon rocks. The children were quite excited to take home their moon rocks the following day.

Maga Manoa, our science teacher came for a visit and showed us ways to protect and keep our planet earth clean and healthy, for instance, recycling materials such as plastic, glass and paper and then re-using them. We also learned the term, “biodegradable” which defines materials that can be broken down or decomposed to smaller products with our planet’s natural organisms.

Yarn flowers were created in a circular motion on paper with glue along with lots of patience and fine motor skills. The final result was a colorful floral garden which will be displayed in our classrooms.

In connection with our moon rocks project, we also made space play dough with a few ingredients similar to moon rocks ingredients, namely, black paint, glitter and water. We added flour, salt and oil to have the right consistency. We enjoyed manipulating it with our hands, space gems and space rocks.

Our s’mores cooking project was a smashing mess but a grand treat for all. We truly enjoyed the melted scrumptious chocolate and the chewy-gummy marshmallows while we savored every bit of it in our mouths. It was a yummy mess!

Another cooking project was in the works. The children made banana muffins with ripe bananas they brought from home. What a lovely treat to have for an afternoon snack.

CGI campers entertained themselves with projects in particular, making pizza and baking cookies as an additional treat, making sock bunnies and cork sailboats. They played musical chairs and an applesauce game where the children were paired with a partner and fed each other applesauce while blindfolded.

Our CGI campers had a unity day at Emek with other CGI campers. The children were immediately welcomed. They saw Simcha Leiner performing on stage and welcomed everyone to sing along, dance and cheer. It was truly an amazing festive event! Their next trip was to Discovery Cube. The children had the opportunity to explore many different things. We learned about recycling and how to save energy. We also learned about the science of ice hockey and had a chance to to race the cars we made! We ended the day by going into a wind tunnel to experience the Santa Ana winds.

At the end of the week, we had our Shabbat party. We celebrated by singing songs and dancing and enjoyed making Challah.

We celebrated Sam & Nola's birthday party! It was so much fun, Happy 4th birthday to our special friends!

To celebrate, they brought a beautiful rainbow to our Camp and everyone had a blast playing in it!

Shabbat Shalom!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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