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We definitely spread some positivity throughout the week. We encouraged each other to try and try again even if we do not succeed on the first try because that’s the only way to learn! YOGATEE VELO MOTZOSEE AL TA'AMIN. LO YOGATEE U'MOTZOSEE AL TA'AMIN. YOGATEE U'MOTZOSEE TA'AMIN. If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have not been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have not worked hard and I have been successful," don't believe him. If someone says, "I have worked hard, and I have been successful," believe him! (Megilla, 6b)

If we should think that once upon a time we did something not quite the way it should have been done, and so we don't feel strong enough to carry on in learning Torah and doing Mitzvos, then we should remember Hashem's promise to us: If we try harder now, again, with all our might, then surely we will succeed. And we will find more, much more than ever we had dreamed.

We started our week experimenting with ingredients such as vinegar, water, baking soda, dish soap and watercolor paints. We observed the chemical reaction and had a bubbly fun!

On Tuesday, we added blue sparkly water in our sensory bins with ocean creatures, seashells, sand, and rocks. Some of our friends said, “we’re going fishing in the ocean.”

Chalk art was a lot of creative fun! We wet our chalks to give it some brighter effects. We drew on chalkboards and on the ground outside.

Yay! We made donuts and cupcakes for a yummy treat! We added chocolate and vanilla frosting and lots of sprinkles to complete our sweet treats!

We gathered in Shul for our daily Davening and on Friday, we had our Shabbat party!

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