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Solar System Galore

We loved learning about Avraham Avinu (Abraham our Forefather) and the stars so much last week, we decided to spend more time and expand more on the solar system this week!

We continued working on outer space focusing on our solar system and we are learning all about the planets. We know some interesting facts and have been singing great planet songs.

We loved using the moon sand, galaxy playdough and making more moon rocks!

We also learned that Avraham Avinu married Sarah Imeinu (Sarah our Foremother). She was so special just like her husband. They lived in a tent that had 4 open sides, to welcome guests from every direction! Having Hashem's presences made her tent such a welcoming place. We played in the tent this week just like Avraham and Sarah!

Sarah was so extraordinary that when she lit her Shabbat candles, they lasted the WHOLE week, and when she baked challah it stayed fresh all week too.

We know Avraham and Sarah wanted to have a baby but were getting older. Hashem made a miracle and they had Yitzchok when Sarah was old enough to be a grandma.

She laughed when she found out and that’s what they named their baby because Yitzchok means, laughter!

The letters we focused on this week were Tiger tail Tet, and the letter J.

Coach Anthony was super fun showing off our Tae Kwon Do moves.

Hope you enjoy the fresh challah as much as we did making it. We hope our challah will stay fresh and last all week just like Sarah's Challah!

Shabbat Shalom!

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