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Seder plates, Matzoh covers, and Hagaddahs Oh my!

We have been learning all about the things we do to get ready for Passover. We started preparing our Seder plate for the upcoming holiday.

We spoke about the Passover Seder and have talked about the symbols on our Seder plate and how they are a reminder of the hard times our ancestors had to endure.

We know the salt water tastes like the tears and the Charoset is like the mortar we used to make bricks when we were slaves in Egypt long ago.

We have been working very hard on our Hagaddah's. There are 14 steps to the Seder and we have meticulously gone over each step.

We wrote the steps in Hebrew and colored, painted, cut and glued a corresponding picture on each page. We are excited to use these hand made, one of a kind Haggadah's on Pesach.

We know that we do not eat bread on Pesach but we eat Matzah, unleavened bread. We had fun touching it, squishing it, painting with it and most of all tasting lots of yummy yummy matzah!

We learned about Moshe Rabbeinu. He was a very special baby born and even though Pharaoh wanted to hurt the Jewish baby boys, Moshe was put in a basket and saved. We each had a turn to be baby Moshe in a basket floating in the Nile River.

We learned about the Jews leaving Egypt and how Gd miraculously split the Red Sea in order for the Jews to cross it. We split our sea with shaving cream and painted beautiful depictions of the scene with watercolor, salt, sand and mod podge.

We traced ourselves and cut out our shadows. Then we painted our life size cut outs so we could have the splitting of the sea scene in our classroom.

This week we came dressed to impress and had so much fun smiling and posing for our class pictures. We can't wait to share our wonderful photos with you!

Words of the Week

Kearah (Seder Plate)





Ask Your Child

How many items are on the Seder plate?

What do we dip our karpas in?

What do we dip our maror into?

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