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Science, Art, Baking & More!

What an incredible final week we've had at camp! The summer has gone by in a flash, and it's hard to believe that the last week is already here.

This week was so much fun! We enjoyed swimming, did science experiments, got creative with artwork, and had fun baking.

On Monday, we explored the world of science through a fun jelly bean experiment. The kids poured hot water over jelly beans, watching the colors blend together – a beautiful mix of art and science.

On Tuesday we baked and enjoyed scrumptious donuts. They were an absolute hit!

Wednesday's highlight was making fresh squeezed lemonade. The children got hands-on, squeezing lemons and creating their own refreshing drinks – a true taste of summer.

On Thursday, the children had a blast with flower painting. They let their imaginations run wild, creating beautiful and colorful flowers with their paint brushes. It was so amazing to watch the children's creativity unfold.

Friday was a joyful celebration as the entire camp came together to sing and dance to our favorite Shabbat songs. We had a Shabbat party and made delicious challah.

Shabbat Shalom!

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