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Rosh Hashana is Finally Here!

“Rosh Hashana is the New Year. Rosh Hashana is finally here! Apples dipped in honey we do eat. We ask Hashem to make this new year sweet!"

We were busy bees packing our clay creations and honey jars this week. We are excited to showcase them on our beautiful Rosh Hashana tables.

We glued black and gold sequins on our honey jars to decorate them and threaded twine to tie our honey jars and finished our Honeycomb inspired cards.

We are looking forward to hearing the shofar blow on Sunday (we know we don’t hear it on Shabbos)!

We are all prepared for the birthday of the world! We made birthday world crowns, coloring with blue and green, just like the earth!

We made our own honey cakes with play doh and loose parts as well. We loved getting creative and decorating them so nice!

We are looking forward to eating apples and honey, pomegranates, and a new fruit on the holiday.

We counted the pomegranate seeds. There were so many! We even got to taste them too.

"Apples on Top"

We loved reading the book "Apples on Top" and trying to stack our apples with play doh. We wanted to find out how many apples tall we are! Can you guess who's the tallest?


Most of all we enjoyed playing with our friends and Morahs all day long!

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to these two big sisters! They had an extra special day at school!

We wish you all a wonderful, healthy Shana Tova filled with an abundance of revealed blessings in all areas for the coming year!

Words of the week






Ask your child

When do we hear the shofar blast this Rosh Hashana?

Who’s birthday is it?

Why do we dip apples in honey?

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