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Presidents' Day Is Almost Here!

We are starting to prepare for the Holiday and explore our presidential history.

We have been enjoying so many fun sensory activities this week. We used lemon squeezers to squeeze out water from pom poms.

We sifted through rice to find a ‘word search’ for our alphabet review.

We practiced adding cubes together while looking at math equations. 

We loved watching the colorful cubes sink in “quicksand” for the letter Q inside cornstarch and water “oobleck”. 

We took pennies and put them in our hebrew letter "Pay."

 We put feathers in our hebrew letter "Fay."

We learned about a new artist Wassily Kandinsky and used circle shapes to paint with his inspiration.

We enjoyed Music with Morah Robyn.

We had so much fun doing yoga with Ms Ace!

We loved meeting a new animal friend with Animaly.

We enjoyed ending our week with challah baking and a grand Shabbat party. We hope you enjoy the day off on Monday for Presidents Day. We look forward to more fun on Tuesday.

Shabbat Shalom!

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