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Our Beautiful World

We are so grateful we have Burbank Jewish Preschool to come back to after a wonderful Sukkot holiday with Israel on our minds. We jumped right into learning about Gd's beautiful creation of the world.

We are praying for Israel everyday and thank our BJPfamily for joining us with your children in prayer and song for our brothers and sisters in Israel.

We had Music with Morah Robyn and loved singing songs about Israel.

We love getting back to the routines and structure of our safe space. We know Gd created light and dark on the first day and we played with flashlights and painted white and dark.

We know on the second day Gd separated the water in the ocean from the big blue sky and we made our own ocean and clouds.

We know on the third day Gd created the flowers, grass and trees and we had fun exploring all things leaves. We are working on a beautiful creation project that will be completed by Thanksgiving, expressing our GRATEFUL we are to Gd for the wonderful world we live in.

We began learning the English and Hebrew Alphabet this week. We focused on the letters Alef and Aa (our Nook friends started B too!).

We traced the letter A in sand.

We matched etrogim pieces to the letter Alef.

We also explored our Etrogim and cut them up to create an Etrog jam we cooked and tasted.

We explored drawing faces with inspiration from the artist Pablo Picasso.

We love stretching with Ms. Ace in Yoga.

We always enjoy Friday with challah baking and our big school Shabbat Party.

Shabbat Shalom!

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