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Joy Abounds!

Mishe Nichnas Adar! In the month of Adar joy increases and we are feeling the vibes! We’ve been busy preparing for our upcoming holiday of Purim.

We have been making graggers (noisemakers) and have been discussing sounds. Some sounds are loud and others quiet.

We used our small trinket trays to create different sounds to shake and to play with!

We even worked together to make our very own play-dough so we can practice making play Hamantashen.

We have been preparing puppets and Megillahs to retell the story. We loved showing off our amazing art skills!

We created palaces in our classrooms! We painted huge pictures, boxes, and made Shushan town come alive.

We spoke about how brave Queen Esther was and we had so much fun dressing up in costumes like Kings and Queens.

We are so excited to have dress up day next week and make real Hamantashen. This week we practicde our fine motor skills and laced the Hamantashen.

Words of the Week





Ask Your Child

What do we shake on Purim?

What happened in Shushan Town?

Who did you dress up like this week?

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