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Increasing Our Joy In The Month Of Adar!

We've been learning all about the miracles of the Purim story. We used paint to decorate a beautiful castle and create our very own Shushan town.

We sang songs and dressed up in costumes!

We started working on our beautiful Megillah's for Purim.

We used different items to create various sounds, from soft to loud, to explore the sounds of the gragger.

We learned about the famous artist Rembrandt and revisited our self-portraits. It's amazing how our artistic abilities improve throughout the year.

We focused on the letter T and engaged in sensory exploration, using toothbrushes with toothpaste to brush out the sugar bugs.

In science, we loved creating elephant toothpaste. We watched the slow-moving explosions of toothpaste take place.

We enjoyed a fun sensory activity. We played with slime and worked on our fine motor skills by cutting the slime too!

Our hebrew letter of the week was Reish. Reish is for rainbows!

For math, we explored numbers through counting and adding beads to our wooden shape number line.

We loved ending our week with a Hamantashen bake, Challah making & a beautiful Shabbat party.

Shabbat Shalom!

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