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Love Your Fellow Like Yourself!

We had the best week EVER!

Week 5 in Camp Gan Israel was visibly fantastic even though we started our Monday with some invisible ink activities.

Thank yo to Rebecca for the super special coffee and danishes.

Water play is always a favorite, especially when the sun shines strong.

Baking sweetened up our mid week as we indulged in some homemade cinnamon Monkey bread.

Kids Space was our first CGI trip of the week and we loved exploring the pulleys, the ant hill, excavating fossils and the jumping in the ball pit.

While we didn't actually visit the ocean, we had ocean play galore in camp on Wednesday.

CGI had a special library and slurpee trip too!

In theme with our friendship week, we made friendship wind socks.

Color resist art is similar to invisible ink and we loved creating and discovering.

Friday we made Mocktails and they were delicious!

To end off our week highest note possible, we were invited to the Nickalodean Animation Studios here in Burbank, where we had the opportunity to tour the Studio and meet animators and digital artists. We even got to draw our own animations!

Thank you to Valerie for arranging this FABULOUS tour.

Shabbat Shalom!

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